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Board of Director/Volunteer Opportunities

Here is a description of the board of director and volunteer opportunities. All pool board members are responsible for attending scheduled pool board meetings and assisting in pool functions, such as social activities, fundraising, and pool operations.

Board of Directors:

Lead and manage the organization, including directing pool employees (lifeguards) and volunteers. Act as the organization's chief spokesperson. Set annual pool objectives (membership, finances, fundraising) and lead the organization to accomplish these goals.

Vice-President (President-Elect)
Oversee committee chairs and work with the president to ensure the smooth operation of the pool and facilities.

Secretary/Technology Director
Maintain and update pool website. Take and edit minutes of monthly meetings. Work with the board and make recommendations to define new technologies that will improve the services offered at the pool.

Maintain organization's financial records and pay bills. Interface with vendors and insurance companies. Work with payroll person to process payroll, file tax return, and pay payroll taxes. Create a budget and guide the board through the budgeting process. Provide financial advice to the board. Help train lifeguards in cash box processes. Process and apply membership payments. Track and report daily revenue (concessions, guest fees, special events). Provide financial reports to the board of directors for all scheduled meetings.

At-Large Members (5) [three-year term]
At-large members are expected to hold a leadership role in one or more committees, as outlined below.

One representative from the Robin Hill Community Support Foundation Board of Directors. (The Robin Hill Community Support Foundation Board of Directors appoints a board member to serve on the Robin Hill Pool Board of Directors as a non-elected, voting member.)

Committee Chairs and Other Roles:

Concessions (two co-chairs)
Oversee sale of pool concessions, including purchasing concession and shack items (ensuring items are kept in stock). Personally shop for concession items or recruit volunteers to make Sam's runs (2-3/week). Update and maintain price lists. Requires personal Sams membership (not reimbursed by the pool). In addition to food items, ensure purchase of paper products, food and beverage for fundraising events, and other pool supplies (excluding pool chemicals).

Pool Cleanup (Opening/Closing)
Oversee the opening pool cleanup (April-May) and closing pool cleanup (September), including directing volunteers in conjunction with the Volunteer Manager and Pool Operations and Grounds Operations chairs. Schedule and oversee all necessary cleanup dates to ensure pool and grounds are ready for opening. Oversee volunteers to put away all deck chairs and equipment, clean out of pool shed and lifeguard shack, shut down of refrigerator/freezer, leaf removal from big pool, and covering of baby pool at the end of the season.

Pool Operations/Maintenance (Baby Pool and Main Pool, Pump Shed/Pump Room)
Oversee the opening and closing of the pool each year, including making or coordinating repairs to pool equipment (pumps, filters, the pools themselves). Identify and coordinate any ongoing equipment repair or replacement, including long-term replacement needs. Arrange for third-party contractors to perform work associated with operations or maintenance. Assist Pool Operator(s)/Pool Manager(s) in preparing for annual pool inspection by Douglas County (and ongoing surprise inspections). Oversee a committee of volunteers to provide on-call services for immediate pool-related issues.

Facility Operations/Maintenance (Grounds/Buildings excluding pool equipment)
Oversee the opening and closing of grounds and facilities, arranging for needed repairs of equipment, buildings, and furniture. Coordinate with pool board and treasurer to establish a budget for pool repairs, capital expenditures, and operating costs. Arrange for third-party contractors to perform work associated with operations or maintenance. Oversee a committee of volunteers to provide on-call services for immediate facilities issues.

Membership Director
Direct member recruitment and retention, including member correspondence. Write and distribute information to current members, new and visiting members, and members who resign. Track and manage online member database in Wild Apricot to ensure member payments are recorded and applied, and remove lapsed members. Make recommendations for special programs, including recruitment events, referral programs, etc. Oversee committee outreach to real estate agents, new neighborhood residents, and advertising. Keep pool staff supplied with all member-related forms. Receive calls from current and potential members about the pool.

Fundraising (one chair or two co-chairs)
Direct and implement social/fundraising events for the pool. Develop calendar of events prior to the opening of the pool. Keep membership informed about upcoming events at the pool through posters, email notifications, and social media. Work with committee to oversee implementation of events, including promotion, decorations, food and beverages, A/V, and volunteer management. Host 1-2 fundraisers per month during the pool season, and 1-2 offseason events.

Omaha Gives Coordinator
Coordinate Robin Hill Community Support Foundation participation in annual Omaha Gives fundraiser in May. Secure organization's participation in the event, including updating ortganization page on the Omaha Gives website. Set fundraising goal. Attend training events. Manage volunteers to contact — or personally contact — prior donors to encourage their participation in annual event. Develop and implement programs to encourage donations. Oversee thank you notes to donors.

Swim Lesson Coordinator
Work with Lifeguard Manager to set a schedule for annual free swim lesson program. Recruit committee to review swim lesson applications and schedule lessons. Communicate with swim lesson participants/families about scheduling. Provide lifeguards with weekly census of swim lesson participants. Track swim lesson participation and prepare reports for fundraising purposes. Ensure supplies are on hand for week-end Root Beer Floaties celebration.

Lifeguard Manager
Oversee hiring and supervision of Pool Manager. Monitor the manager's job performance. Assist the Pool Manager in hiring lifeguards for the pool, including completing hiring paperwork and ensuring staff training and certifications. Ensure lifeguards have necessary equipment to perform their jobs (suits, whistles, safety equipment, etc.). Monitor and set payroll for the season. Determine the lifeguard budget for the season. Work with the manager on staffing and ensuring payroll stays within budget. Assist the manager with lifeguard and member management when necessary. Notify the manager of Board of Directors meetings and decisions.

Pool Party Manager
Coordinate scheduling of public and private pool parties throughout the season, including confirming reservations, communicating policies and coordinating deposits with pool party hosts, and ensuring staffing of lifeguards, in conjunction with Lifeguard Manager. Receive calls about pool parties. Be on-call to respond to lifeguard needs during private pool parties.

Neighborhood Cleanup (two co-chairs)
Oversee annual Spring Cleanup in conjunction with the City of Omaha. Identify and secure cleanup site (currently, Jefferson Elementary School). Promote the event on social media, pool website, and through print materials. Work with Volunteer Manager to recruit and schedule volunteers to work the event. Secure metal/electronics recycling for the event. Be on site the day of the event (or direct committee members to handle on-site responsibilities), including food/beverages for volunteers. 

Volunteer Manager
Oversee recruitment and tracking of volunteers and volunteer service. Work with committee chairs to identify volunteer needs and define volunteer roles. Create and manage Signup Genius and manual tracking of volunteers. Track and record member service. Return volunteer service checks to individuals who complete their volunteer service. Follow up with individuals who do not complete volunteer service to provide written notification that checks will be deposited.

Grant Writer
Identify grant opportunities for Robin Hill Pool and Robin Hill Community Support Foundation. Research and write grant applications. 

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